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The all new Rebel Elite Wallet

Elegant leather wallets for professional magicians

Blackpool magic convention sell out 2019 & 2020

Bringing elegant design to classic miracles

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Hi! My name is Gerard Kearney, I'm an Irish professional magician.  

I have redesigned two popular products common to the magician’s arsenal;

The peek wallet and card to envelope in wallet.

In doing so, I have given equal thought and attention to aesthetics and functionality. More than just serving their intended purpose, these wallets, look and feel like accessories the sartorially conscious gentleman would carry on his person on a daily basis, magician or otherwise.

Perform in Style


Create miracles with any one of the four options. 

  • A card to wallet with a currency compartment (Rebel Note) 

  • A card to wallet without a currency compartment ( Rebel wallet)

  • A peek wallet with a currency compartment (Peek Note)

  • A peek wallet without a currency compartment (The Peek Wallet)

"I love your wallets!!!!!
- Richard Sanders
"Best Card to Wallet on the market"
-David Penn, Wizard product review 
"His wallets are a dream, I own three different ones"-John Archer
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