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Thank you for visiting Secret Tannery, my name is Gerard Kearney, the designer of both the wallets you’ll find showcased on this site.


I’ve been a professional magician for 10 years. Throughout that time, I’ve never been happy with the choice of wallets available to me to perform some of the classics of close-up magic. I found that while some of the products on the market ‘worked well’, they simply did not suit my style. Some were large and cumbersome, the craftsmanship of others left something to be desired, and most, if not all simply did not look like the kind of accessory a person working in the elegant surroundings I’m fortunate enough to perform in, would carry on their person.

That’s why I decided to design my own wallets. Frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing but I had a design and a certain aesthetic in mind. I knew that when I removed my wallet in performance, I wanted my audience to think, at best, nothing at all, and at worst: “that’s a handsome wallet”. I certainly didn’t want them to think: “what is that monstrosity”.


It took me 25 prototypes to arrive at the products I’m sharing here. I’ve used them both in my own work for five years and genuinely believe that, at least for the performer who is concerned both with style and functionality, these wallets offer something of value to the magic community.


My mission is to produce wallets that enable you to create miracles. But more than this, I want you to be proud to own and use these wallets both in your work and as part of your daily routine.

Best Regards 

Gerard Kearney.


Card to wallet
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